Our Drive to be different…

DM Multisport LogoA year ago this month, Drive Multisport was founded with the idea that coaching endurance athletes could be a different experience. The truth is that all athletes really want is to feel like they are the ONLY ONE on the roster. The mission was simple.  I wanted to create a coaching environment that encouraged thoughtful goal-setting, acting on available performance feedback, and shared accountability between the athlete and the coach.

My goal is for Drive Multisport to be the premier coaching choice for athletes serious about their performance goals.  As a coach, I strive to take a personal interest in the goals of my athletes, and believe they deserve my very best.  While I entertained several offers this year to partner with other coaches, I have declined thus far and have decided to coach alone.  Why? That’s simple.  This is the only way I can ensure my clients receive individualized coaching consistent with our mission.

It has been an incredible year watching our athletes grow, and seeing so many reach their performance goals! I ask my athletes to work hard, but they also see me working hard. IMG_1029You’ll never catch me at one of their important races sitting back in a lawn chair with a beer in my hand. I will either be there racing beside them, or breaking a sweat running around cheering them on! I have learned as much from the experience as they have learned from me as their coach. And I am grateful for the journey.

Thank you for your continued support, and all the best in 2013!