What’s the one thing?

IMG_1030I had this text message from one of my athletes this week…

“Do you think I could be ready for an Ironman by November 2nd?”.  My response: “Depends how bad you want it, but yes.  If you are willing to make the commitment towards this goal, I can get you there safely”.  

This athlete is currently training for an early and late season half iron.  But this reminded me of a question on the athlete questionnaire that I completed when I made a coaching change for the 2013 season.  It asked, What are you willing to do to accomplish your goals?  I remember struggling over this question a bit, and the accountability that might come with my answer. For me this year was about approaching things differently. Thinking differently. Acting differently. Racing long course differently.  To do that, I knew I had to sacrifice something.  And I don’t necessarily mean giving up my life, my time, or time with my family. It could be as simple as giving up the comfort I had with approaching things the same way as an athlete, and in my training.  To reach my goals, I knew I had to let go of some old thinking.  This change I was seeking began with me.

So when I get asked the question, should I do an Ironman?  Before I answer, I might ask these two questions. Why?” In other words what is motivating you?  And, the second question is what my own coach asked me.  What are you willing to do to accomplish this goal?

This applies to those of us who are already signed up for an Ironman or Half Ironman this year too, right?  For the 2013 season, I am training for Ironman Florida, and I am contemplating racing Louisville again too.  So what am I willing to do to accomplish my goals?  As an athlete, I am just as accountable to these goals as my coach, right? For me I have to remind myself of the commitment I made.  And I will ask myself at the beginning of every day, every week, every workout…  what’s the one thing I can do to help me reach my goal?  Could I change my attitude?  Could I work harder?  Am I willing to reach further? Or could it be I just need to be still and recover?

All I know is it begins today.

What will you do?


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